Yoga Vasishtha

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Swami Venkatesananda Translator

The amazing Yoga text The Yoga Vasishtha is introduced.

The Yoga Vasishtha is part of the great Indian epic Ramayana. The Ramayana tells the tale of Lord Rama, rightful heir to the throne of Ayodhya, who is forced in to a fourteen year exile in the jungles.

Essence of the Yoga Vasishtha

The Yoga Vasishtha is a fascinating dialogue between Lord Rama and his spiritual guide Vasishtha. The young Prince Rama, who has been on travels in his kingdom, returns weary and disinterested in life. Prince Rama asks meaningful questions about the cycle of life and death, the drama of human existence and the fleeting nature of life and relationships. He asks deep and direct questions regarding the creation of the universe, the nature of existence and the Self.

The Yoga Vasishtha is a Yoga text for those who seek liberation from the cycle of life and death. Filled with mind boggling stories and characterised by a unique style, this scripture consists of 32,000 couplets and is divided in to 6 sections. One of the finest translations available is that by Swami Venkatesananda.

Yoga Vasishtha Section 1: Dealing with Dispassion

This section imparts knowledge of the true nature of life in this world. It consists of 1500 couplets  and the qualifications of a seeker are described.

Yoga Vasishtha Section 2: Dealing with the Behaviour of a Seeker

This sections consists of 1000 couplets and is a practical guide for seekers of liberation.

Yoga Vasishtha Section 3: Dealing with Creation

This section consists of 7000 couplets. In it are found many inspiring stories which illustrate the great truth: On account of the interplay of the false ideas of "this" and "I", the universe which has never truly been created, appears to be.

Yoga Vasishtha Section 4: Dealing with Existence

This section consists of 3000 couplets. With the help of stories the truth concerning the existence of the world and its substratum is revealed.

Yoga Vasishtha Section 5: Dealing with Dissolution

This section consists of 5000 couplets and by listening to this the deluded perception of the world comes to an end, leaving only a trace of ignorance.

Yoga Vasishtha Section 6: Dealing with Liberation

The last and largest section consists of 14,500 couplets. The study of this section will destroy one's fundamental ignorance.


Source Guide

The Supreme Yoga
The Concise Yoga Vasishtha

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