THATfirst Online Meetings

We have participants joining in from over 15 countries across 5 continents: India, Germany, Australia, Hungary, Singapore, Dubai, Peru, Brazil, Holland, United Kingdom and the United States just to name a few.  All the meetings are led by Radhikaji personally.

Tripura Rahasya, Starting 28th July 2018 

Every Saturday, 8.30 PM India

For those joining from different time zones and with changes in Summer and Winter time, it is best to orient to India, where there is no time change.


Mentoring with Radhikaji

The mentoring meetings are only for those who participate in the Mentoring programme with Radhikaji. For more information on the Mentoring programme, please click here.

DONATIONS Appreciated

Many of you would like to make a contribution to show your appreciation and gratitude for the teachings, the guidance, the time and towards expansion of the THATfirst family. 

You can make a local transfer through your bank in India or Germany or international transfers through Transferwise or Paypal. If you would like to make a donation, contact us for the details.  Small donations are also welcome.

How to join the THATfirst Online Meetings

1.You can join in using PC or Mac by clicking on the link below at scheduled time:

Join Meeting NOW

If you do not have the Gotomeeting Citrix Online Launcher, this will be initiated automatically. This is only a one time download.

2. You can join a meeting with Apple iPhone or Android mobile phone.

Use above link or download the free Citrix Receiver App and enter Meeting ID:937-190-605



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