Do I have become a vegetarian to practice Yoga Meditation?

You do not have to become anything in order to meditate. Just begin from where you are. If you eat meat or drink alcohol it is okay. As you practice your body will tell you what it feels about meat and other food habits that you have picked up from your cultural and social environment.

Focus on increasing food awareness; learn cooking if you don't already and experiment with new foods and recipes. As you continue to meditate you will learn to listen to what your body wants and needs.

The Wisdom of the Body speaks

The body speaks in many ways and tries to tell us that certain foods do not agree with us. It talks to us through sickness and disease at the most basic level. Those who meditate and are tuned in to their bodies, show greater body awareness and can understand the special likes and dislikes of their bodies.

It is extremely difficult to change food habits since these are intricately interwoven with our social life and certain social circles. A diet deviating drastically from the social and cultural norm is regarded as strict and unhealthy, even though our body is trying to tell us something else. This is a long journey of self transformation. It is also an individual journey, so please don't impose your super new healthy diet on your partner or family!


Linda from Malmo, Sweden:
Wow, that is a progressive view. I know a lot of fanatic yogis and vegans who would not like this article at all.

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