Our Mentoring Retreat

Upanishad: Sitting close to the teacher

Small groups can get very intense. That was true for the mentoring retreat as well. 

We have been together for years, meeting regularly and enjoying profound discussions. The deep sharing and the profound teachings together with intense meditation sessions resonated with all of us. There were eight of us:

  • from Germany 4,
  • from India 2,
  • from Nepal 1 and
  • from the U.K. 1.

Besides meditation sessions four times daily, we went for a long walk every day along the Ganges. We sat watching the river meander past as we absorbed the spiritual vibrations and listened to Radhikaji sharing the teachings. It was an "upanishad," sitting close to the teacher. A rare opportunity and a privilege to share these moments together. 

After seven days of sharing we were ready for the silence of the mountains. We traveled to a quiet place, the home of tigers and wild bears, where yogis have meditated in the jungles and caves since thousands of years. Sitting on top of the mountain we listened to the silence as she revealed her secrets. Watching the Himalayan snow peaks in the distance, the three days pasted a little too quickly.

We will return home. Soon.