The Origin of Om

A unique and touching interpretation of how the sound Om or AUM originated, by Swami Rama from his lectures on the Mundaka Upanishad. 

The first letter of AUM is A. How did they find that A? They started studying the language which is spoken between the two, the language of love, between the newborn baby and her mother. They speak a language no one understands. But they understand perfectly, mother and child. They communicate well. Now see, follow what I am saying. 

The child says "A..A..A." First sound, letter, child mutters is "A." Child cries. Now the same "A" extended into "Ahhhh..Ahhhh..Ahhhh" If no one comes, child does not hear any sound, then the child goes to higher pitch of "Eee...Eee...Eee." And when child hears a sound, that sound goes automatically to "O".

And when mother comes near, that becomes "AU."

And then mother touches the child, "M". Finds solace and in the arms, the child sleeps. Real language is a language of love.