How can I create a suitable environment and routine for Yoga Meditation?

Choose a home that is in a quiet part of the town. It would be nice to have nature around, so that the air is clean and invigorating.

If possible set aside a room for meditation. If that is not possible set aside a small area in your bedroom or any other room where there is not too much activity as your meditation area. This area does not have to become holy, but should definitely be kept clean and aired out daily.

Prepare your meditation seat with blankets, shawls, mats or pillows so that you are comfortable and relaxed. Not too warm or too cold.

Of course, no place is perfect and we cannot satisfy all the above conditions. So work hard to integrate meditation in to your life.

Sit for meditation at the same time so that body and mind are prepared. The mind loves routine. The mind experiences a daily routine as comforting and the structure brings balance in to our life. Avoid creating a routine based on time. Instead work around events, such as meals.

Choose a time when it is quiet, when you are not too tired or in a hurry. Early morning is a good time for meditation after you have a good rest. Make sure you wake up early so that you do not rush through your practice in order to make it to work on time.