How do I develop will power to practice Yoga Meditation?

If you don't have will power, then exercise your won't power.

Doing requires active energy. But not doing requires restraint from activity. Live out the following dialogue in your life:

"I won't be violent in my actions and speech to myself and others. I won't tell a lie nor live a lie. I won't take anything that belongs to another. I won't dissipate my energies on trivial problems and meaningless activities. I won't hoard and collect more than I need."

When you exercise your won't power, you will remove blockages in your energy stream.You are like the river that has been dammed. Your energy cannot flow; remove the obstacles and the water will flow.

In Yoga these five won'ts are called Yamas. They form the most important part of the holistic system of Yoga; these are the basis of a Yoga lifestyle.

The five Yamas are also called:

  • Ahimsa
  • Satya
  • Asteya
  • Brahmacharya
  • Aparigraha