I cannot give up all my pleasures. Can I still practise Yoga Meditation?

A child loves playing with toys, but a teenager would not be caught dead with a teddy bear or a doll! Such is the nature of growth and development. You play with your little and big pleasures such as good food, big cars, expensive clothes, etc. But a time comes when these will not satisfy you. This is spiritual growth and all of us go through this in life. It is the natural outcome of maturing through different life experiences.

You do not have to force yourself to give up anything. In fact this would go against your nature and cause more harm. Just as a fruit will fall when ripe, you just let them drop away in the course of time when you find that you no longer enjoy these.

Renunciation is not a path for everyone. Self awareness can be practised by everyone, everywhere. Rather than renouncing in a forced manner, observe yourself after the consumption of a fine meal in an expensive restaurant. Are you satisfied? Watch how long this feeling of satisfaction lasts, until the next desire or craving comes along. As you keep restaurant hopping, sooner or later the boredom sets in. Then you are ready and ripe for letting go another little toy!