Mantra Yoga and the Word


In the beginning was the Word. John 1.1

The Word or "Sabda" has a mystical meaning. You may read volumes on Mantra Yoga but never find out what it really means, unless you practice it.

Give me your word

This experiment just might help to trigger off something deeper in you. It is quite simple. In fact you only have to reflect upon your entire past, then create a vision for your future and describe it all in just one word!

Not two. Not three. Just one. It's hard. But it's a great exercise. Find the word that resounds in your heart.

Joy, compassion, happiness? Or does something quite different come to mind? 

May be something like "Danger". So you like excitement, adventure and you live on the edge. It reveals what drives you in this phase of your life. Yes, I said phase. The word may change as you grow and that's nice, isn't it?

How about "Money"? Don't judge the word. After all it is only a phase in your life.

In fact the word doesn't even have to have a meaning. Sounds reveal a lot about ourselves too. It could be something like "grhhh" or "ugh". Sounds go much deeper and tell you about your own feelings and you are getting closer to the mystical realm of Mantra Yoga.

Word Play

So give the experiment a shot. May be you have already found your word. If you haven't, read about mine.

When I was a just a kid I wanted to live forever. The word "immortal" was what moved me. To be a writer seemed a good choice. Words, I thought did not die so I wanted to be a writer, while all my friends wanted to be Bollywood stars. As I grew other words motivated me, such as, "excellence". That was a useful word. It kept me busy, striving for excellence in academics, in creative arts, and all things that young people do. As things kept changing in my life, I sought something permanent. So "permanent" was my next word. Only I figured nothing is really permanent except the Self or in other words THAT which is behind all this, which is constantly changing and moving.


So THAT is my word. Have you found your word?


Frank from Cologne, Germany:
My first word was "orientation". When I was 6 I recognized that neither thought nor emotion is reliable. So I looked for something stable.
Only when I was 27, a radio session about J P Sartre made me realize that I had looked for something absolute all the time. All the time I had tried to solve my quest with the mind. And had failed.

raja from mumbai, india.:
There are 4 mahaa vaakhyaas to ponder upon. Soham is something else.

Radhikaji from THATfirst:
Soham is a sound or mantra that the breath sings. The breath is constantly singing, "I am That, I am That". Mantra Shastra is not an intellectual study. It is a practical science that you learn only in a tradition with an unbroken lineage.

Niels from India / Belgium:
Hello Radikaji,
It is with pleasure that I came across your website.
Please could you get back to me in personal email about mantra yoge and where to find a real practical teacher?
Best, Niels

Myna from Singapore:
Namaste Radhikaji,
"Find your Word".....such a wonderful suggestion! I cannot describe how happy I was to read this article. This method straight away leads to THAT. So simple, so easy. Thank you so much :)

Choi Yan from Mansfield:
My word was Rebellion.
Not the word I expected at all and perhaps it’s come at a time of deep sorrow and anger for me at the news of my brother and sister in laws loss of their 35 week unborn child. It made me realise and feel how angry I was at the world. I feel that people shouldn’t be suffering so much. That somehow their knowledge, power and authenticity has been weakened and taken away from them by society and upbringing and there is so much mental, emotional, physical suffering that can be avoided and so much more harmony and joy that can be created.
So much knowledge and wisdom is available within each and every one of us if only we were shown how to access it effortlessly as a way of life.
My whole life feels like it has been a soft yet steadfast rebellion from any thought, feeling, action, intention, career, way of living and external influences that are less than wholesome, nourishing and uniting.
After a period of internal challenge and disempowerment This coming year feels like it is a re-enactment of the same powerful energy of rebellion and revolution against ways that do not make sense, letting go of my own false ideas and limiting beliefs of the future and opening up to the full possibility of Self expression.

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