Swami Rama on the Guru Chakra

Guru chakra, the chakra of higher knowledge is also known as Trikuti or Jnana chakra. Ajna chakra the chakra of worldly knowledge and gateway to the city of life is also known as Drikuti. Swami Rama quotes on Guru chakra are put together here.


Mundaka Upanishad

You can easily purify your unconscious mind - the reservoir, the basement, the back-mind where you store the merits and demerits of your lifetime - by allowing them to come forward. Not using introspection but allowing to relax your conscious mind. If I am paying attention towards this, no matter… I am not paying attention towards you… your movement, your sitting, whatever you do is not disturbing me.

So when you have a point, focal point then your mind from here there and everywhere automatically is concentrated on this. Above this, chakra there is one chakra that is called trikuti, is called Guru chakra. Guru means Knowledge. Gu means darkness, ru means light. That light, which dispels the darkness of ignorance, is called Guru. Guru is not a human being. It is Knowledge. One who gives… through whom Knowledge flows is also called Guru. But actually Guru means Knowledge.

There is a cavity here and there is a fire. That fire needs to be evoking. It is evoked by your desire of attaining spirituality. Remember when the scriptures say you should not have desire, you should not have desire for the lower world, you should have definitely strengthened desire for the  higher world. You see! You should not have desires who create obstacles for you. You should have desires who lead you and help you… at least do not create obstacles. That desire should be strengthened; it should be very powerful desire, it should be prominent desire, it should be dominant desire, dominating desire in your life.

Here, the teacher tells you to meditate… here (pointing to his forehead). Not here (pointing space between eyebrows) but here (pointing again to his forehead making a triangle). You see! I am going to tell you something more today. Those who are meditators will pick up. Those who are not, for them its nothing. You see!

So they meditate on this (pointing again to his forehead making a triangle). Here they evoke the fire. In this fire they allow all the impressions, samskara, to come forward from the basement, from the unconscious and give oblation to this fire. This is also called Yagna. This is a great Yagna offering all the oblations, all thoughts there. Now, once you have offered the thoughts, suppose that thought comes again, you know "I have offered this thought to the fire of knowledge". It will not distract. That is why, meditational therapy is deeper than all the therapies a human being can imagine, design, and teach, and profess. After you have done for some time, you see, any thought that comes, you offer that thought to this fire (pointing to the Guru chakra drawn on the board). Any thought that disturbs you. Simply you have to be alert a thought is coming… it is offered here (pointing to the Guru chakra drawn on the board). As a student puts all the problems of his life in front of his teacher and he has to deal with it. He has to tell you how to deal with that problem. Here Guru within you, the Light within you deals with all the problems. It deals better than the living Guru outside.

The purpose of living Guru outside is to make you aware of the Guru within you. You see! You need to practice that. That is way of purifying the mind, unconscious mind in meditation. As fire purifies the gold, unconscious mind, and, entire reservoir, the storehouse can be purified by offering all that I have stored within to the fire of knowledge by saying Om Guruve Namaha. Namah means Namam, nothing belongs to me. Everything belongs to the O’ Light of Light. When nothing belongs to me, what right do I have to offer? So far I was under the impression and notion that all these thoughts were mine. I am free, they are not mine.

Choosing a Path

In the Samaya school of internal worship the body and the mind are stilled and the student realizes that Sri Yantra is internal. Thus the nine levels of Sri Yantra have been equated to the chakras of the subtle body. Moving inward from the periphery, there are three sets of three chakras depicted in the design: muladhara, swadisthana, and manipura; anahata, vishuddha, and ajna; and two guru chakras and sahasrara. The Saundarya Lahari, the Wave of Bliss, of Shankara poetically explains the methods of practice for Sri Vidya, including the siddhis that are attained at various stages. In the Samaya school, various chakras are focused on for different purposes. 

Mundaka Upanishad

So someone worships here—one group (pointing to muladhara chakra).  This group up to here is called Rudra khanda. (Base to Manipura chakra) There are three spheres.  If you divide the human body—this is human body. Brahma khanda, Vishnu khanda, and Rudra Khanda.  

In Brahma Khanda this comes in brahma khanda, only from here to here (motions from top of head—sahasrara chakra to ajna chakra). Ajna chakra—there are many other chakras—guru chakra—there is a tunnel here which is called brahmarguha—and then by piercing the pearl of wisdom, you go to brahmarandra.  Dropping your body and going through this chakra is considered to be highest.  

Another—this and this Vishnu Kanda (motions to throat and chest area).  Vishuddha chakra and Anahata chakra. And three chakras in Rudra kanda.  

Kaulas know the worship up to this (lowest three chakras, Rudra Khanda).  Another group does worship here (heart and throat centers, Vishnu Khanda). But highest group is called "Samaya"—I am with you.  When you feel presence of the Lord all the time, what do you do?  Lord is with me, I am with the Lord.  

Saundarya Lahiri

There is another chakra between ajna and sahasrara, and that’s called "guru chakra or jnana chakra" (draws upward facing triangle between ajna chakra and sahasrara chakra). Now you’ll find this point flows downward (referring to muladhara chakra), and that flows upwards (referring to Guru chakra). It’s a flame of knowledge that flows upwards. And this (muladhara chakra) flows downward. Shakti’s trend in human body is downward—because I explain to you—kundalini remains coiled in a dormant form, and has slipped from her own abode because she is drunk. She drinks the best of the nectar that flows from Brahman and that’s why we are crude. When we stop her from doing that, she awakes and goes there. 

How to stop that? Is there any other way? There are many ways. I am going to describe jnana chakra, meditation on this (ajna chakra), attaining sahasrara chakra, accomplish turiya, 

This is called the highest of all fires—is called jnana fire— jnana, fire of knowledge. All fires are petty in front of that. Jnana—knowledge. And for that fire of knowledge you can call it guru. Guru means that which dispels darkness of ignorance. It’s a fire. It’s a knowledge. 

So particularly, this is called jnana chakra, or guru chakra, or trikuti. Just put your thumb here (puts thumb on forehead) and from there starts trikuti. So trikuti starts here. After you have attained a still posture, serene breath, and start dealing with your mind, manah prakshalanam, how to purify your mind. Finest of all therapies Where is that fire? The fire of knowledge is there (guru chakra) through which you think, through which you decide, through which you do things in your daily life. It’s there. And then you come down to your ajna chakra, which is called gateway to the city of life. 

Saundarya lahiri

So there is a method in Samaya—those who are learning on the path, it will be very helpful for them. Here on the space between the two eyebrows, this is called in Sanskrit, trikuti. "Tri" means three—three lines—equilateral triangle here. 

What do you do when you go to the therapist? You say, "This is my problem; help me." If you don’t say, how can therapist help you? But there are many things which you cannot tell your therapist—many things—no matter how truthful you are, how nice is your doctor or therapist—you don’t say. Two thirds of your personality is never known to anybody. You always keep it to yourself. Any you don’t try to know it also. Because you think it’s unpleasant. 

If you said what you were thinking, you’d be in an asylum 

I have not seen anybody in the world who speaks the way he thinks. Otherwise he would be landed in an asylum! The way you think—if you start saying whatever you think—next day you’d be tied up, bound up, and put in the hospital. So whatever you think, that is your private business. But whatever you have to say, it has something to do with others also. Suddenly out of my mind, out of animosity, comes and says, "You are stupid!" And I say, "You are stupid!" you’ll slap me, then and there! 

Best of therapies is the one where no one else helps you 

So all thoughts are not translated the way we want through our speech and actions. Best of the therapists is this science which teaches you how to apply that therapy which no one can helps you. It has been very helpful; I’m telling you that! I never had a therapist, and I’m a human being like you. But I see you suffering on account of such things. You come to me and say you have guilt. And you never ask, "Swamiji, do you have guilt? Did you ever have guilt? You are a human being."

I will say, "No." 

You should ask, "Why? Why did you not have as a human being, and why do I have?" 

When I sit, I pay attention to my body and nothing else 

I will answer you. When I sit down, as I told you, keeping my head, neck and trunk straight, I pay attention towards my body and nothing else. Not to breath or anything else—just body. Because I am attending my body. 

When body is steady, then I don’t think of it; then I attend to breath; I’ve trained mind 

When my body is steady and still, I don’t think of it. I pay attention towards my breath and not towards my body. Because I’ve trained my mind that way. 

And how did I train my mind? My master said, it’s easy to train. Suppose my mind says, "Rama, pick up this chalk." Is it needed? "No." Why should I pick up? Okay, mind, if you want to pick up, go and pick up, but I will not move my hand. At least my hand I can see. I don’t see you.” So my master said to start doing this. 

When I was young, he said, "Any woman you see—young woman—think of your mother." And that idea vanished. This way, many things were taught to me during that time. 

So whoever says that no human being on the earth, anybody who is human being, doesn’t commit mistakes. This is not true. Hypocrisy. It’s not true. We all can commit mistakes. But those who go on repeating mistakes, they are weak human beings. They don’t come in that category. They are not strong people. My sitting this way could hurt you. But if I find that it is hurting and is not settled, perhaps I will not sit this way; I will change my posture. 

What do you mean by that guilt? Why do you suffer from that guilt? Is it your habit? If you are sick of your habit and you cannot change, is it your will power, that you don’t have will power, that if you want to do something and yet you are not able to do? And you are constantly doing something which you are not supposed to do, which you think is bad, according to you. And then you start condemning yourself instead of appreciating, admiring yourself. 

I can tell you with complete certainty, no cancer can ever occur without agony in the mind. Not possible! Cancer is created by mind—a serious disease like cancer. Any disease which is considered to be cancerous or an incurable disease, mind is involved in it. Can that mind be trained to cure? Yes. Then why mind does not cure? By the time mind is made aware to cure, it becomes so weak that it loses its capacity. It’s difficult to rehabilitate such a mind. If you break somebody’s leg, so brutally, and then try to rehabilitate, it’s so difficult. 

Mind has capacity to cure. I used to do it. I used to create—on my body there are many, many such marks—I used to create consciously a tumor, test it and it is malignant, and then there was nothing. In your mind you can create that, mentally. Whatever you want you do it. Why don’t? You can create disease—all these diseases are your creation —otherwise it would be a common disease for all. Why only one individual? That individual is creating disease. This should be known. When mind is learned to be, mind over matter, and with the help of breath, to understand the twin laws of life, perhaps it will be helpful for you. 

The therapy, the highest of all fires, is jnana fire, fire of knowledge, guru 

So there is a therapy—this is called the highest of all fires—is called jnana fire— jnana, fire of knowledge. All fires are petty in front of that. Jnana—knowledge. And for 

that fire of knowledge you can call it guru. Guru means that which dispels darkness of ignorance. It’s a fire. It’s a knowledge. 

This is jnana chakra, guru chakra, or trikuti; this is manah prakshalanamam 

So particularly, this is called jnana chakra, or guru chakra, or trikuti. Just put your thumb here (puts thumb on forehead) and from there starts trikuti. So trikuti starts here. After you have attained a still posture, serene breath, and start dealing with your mind, manah prakshalanam, how to purify your mind. Finest of all therapies. No therapist in the world can do such a good job. 

Recall all your thoughts; mind will bring thousands and thousands of odd things 

You sit down and ask your mind—recall all the thoughts. If you sit down one day and find out how many good things have you done in your life, it will be difficult for you to remember. It will be easy for you to remember how many odd things you have done. Mind will bring thousands and thousands of odd things. 

So that which many times you think is something odd, it’s not. According to your knowledge and growth, sometimes you take something very seriously which you should not. But what to do? That’s your habit. “I am not beautiful,” you say. Who says that you are not beautiful? Others? But you are you. You are the most beautiful in the world. There is no one who can be compared. Learn to appreciate yourself. 

"I am not a good person." Why? 

"I have many guilt feelings."

You have simply learned bad things that is called storage—holding things. After you have learned how to sit, you come with your mind. First thing you do it. Ask your mind to sit here. (points to forehead) Anything that comes, that something comes, you should offer it to the fire of knowledge. 

Now, suppose I have stolen something and no one knows. And I feel guilty that I shouldn’t have stolen that. That thought comes while you are sitting in meditation, "How about that deed of yours? You are not fit for meditation!" 

One after another, offer all the thoughts to the fire of knowledge 

Suppose such a thought comes. Offer that thought to the fire of knowledge. You have offered it once. Once you give it to somebody, you don’t say, "Give it to me; give me my thing back." You don’t do that. One after another you offer all the thoughts that are coming to you. All the thoughts coming to you, offer to the fire of knowledge. 

If a thought comes again, say, "But I already offered you to the fire, etc." 

This way, if that thought which you have offered already, comes to you, it will not come in ugly form and you can say, "But I have already offered you to the fire. How do you exist? Why are you coming to me again? From where? Oh, it’s not really a thought —it’s just a simple memory."

Then a thought is only a memory, like a burnt rope with no power to bind 

It’s just like a rope which has tied you and it is burnt. It has no power to tie, though it leaves its ashes. 

You can remove, be free from all your negativity; you will have confidence 

This way, you can remove—you can be free from your negativity. Then you have a confidence. "I have given all such thoughts—I have offered all such thoughts. I have given all the oblation to this fire."

In doing this mentally, the first thing is to evoke guru chakra You evoke this fire, not the fire of knowledge 

In doing this mentally, the first thing is to evoke guru chakra. You evoke this fire, now, fire of knowledge. And then offer all the thoughts. 

There are three main layers of thoughts in your mind 

There are three main layers of the thoughts in your mind. Deeply buried—which you are not aware of—latent, and you can awaken according to the situation—and they are day-to-day thoughts. In this process they say, very easy to get rid of all these thoughts and go beyond the mire of thoughts. And they are successful. It’s a very successful therapy—most successful therapy. 

Then you come down to ajna chakra, the gateway to the city of life 

Where is that fire? The fire of knowledge is there through which you think, through which you decide, through which you do things in your daily life. It’s there. And then you come down to your ajna chakra, which is called gateway to the city of life. 

Mundaka Upanishad

Samskaras means the impressions of our lifetimes stored in the unconscious mind and they are on various levels. Unconscious mind is not at all known by the ordinary people. Little part of mind, which is called conscious mind that we use, cultivate, culture, educate in our daily life during waking state, the portion of mind that is used by us during waking state is called conscious mind. Yet, that small part of mind after doing and after all this we do in our daily life is not under our control. The totality of mind, including conscious and unconscious both is directed by those who know how to purify the mind. 

Purifying mind means, when you learn to sit and then learn to deal with your breath then you learn to handle your conscious mind by allowing yourself to let go, by learning to face all the samskaras mentally and allow them to let go. There is one yogic practice which is used for this. Between your crown chakra, which is called sahasrara chakra and ajna chakra, there is a chakra, (makes gesture of triangle on forehead) which is called in Sanskrit, Trikuti. 


Maithili from Shimla:
Beautiful tradition. I want be your student, Ma Radhikaji

Hemant from California:
How does one pierce the Guru chakra? Can you write an article in detail explaining this? Thank you so much!

Shashika from Durban. S.A.:
Namaste. I have a few questions as I am following the Samaya tradition.
As a women , mother and wife what rules do I follow .
Do I integrate Samaya into my lifestyle without changing but integrating .
Should I wish to become a Guru , what are the rules ?
If I am born a Guru / Sage , what are the rules if I choose the path of Samaya ? Thank you.

Radhikaji from THATfirst:
@Shashikala, if you say you are following the Samaya tradition then why do you ask for rules as a woman, mother and wife? This shows either you are not following a Samaya tradition, or you have not really understood it. And sages do not need rules, they follow the highest law of Dharma, breathing it, living it, walking in it.

Radhikaji from THATfirst:
@Hemant, guru chakra is the highest and it is only meant for adhikaris, the students with the highest qualification. You cannot learn it from an article. To pierce Guru chakra, you have to give up your ego. When you are ready to that, you can write me a private message.

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