Are incense sticks useful for Yoga Meditation?

Yoga, Japa and Incense

Yoga Meditation is the process of gradually going inwards with body postures, breathing exercises, relaxation and eventually your personal meditation practice.

Meditation is recommended in clean and quiet surroundings with a minimum of external stimuli and distractions. Thus incense is not recommended during meditation. Incense, on the other hand, distracts the mind and pulls the senses out in to the external world.

If you wish to create a soothing atmosphere before meditation, you may use incense, but it is recommended to put it out before meditation.

Incense is used generally for rituals and ceremonial purposes in India. 


Sunil from Incense Craft, Nepal:
I totally disagree. Incense which are made according to the Traditional Tibetan practice contains blends of Himalayan Herbs ,like Spikenard,Valerian, Rhododendron, Black Cardamon, Cinnamon etc helps to concentrate your mind, it has a healing property which helps to relief from anxiety, thus good quality incense boost to achieve positive results in Yoga.

Radhikaji from THATfirst:
I could not help noticing that your email id mentions incense. Obviously someone having a business of incense sticks will not agree with an article that hurts his business.

The purpose of meditation is to explore the inner world, your attention goes from the external world to the breath and to the deeper layers of the mind and eventually to the centre of consciousness.

Incence is part of the external world and it may even pull the senses outward. Good incense sticks, may be soothing, and can be used before or after meditation, but not during meditation.

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