Does God exist? What do the Yogis say?

Photo Harry Quan

How would you describe the beauty of colours to a person who has been born blind? He cannot relate to your world of colours, though you may be able to experience his world of darkness. How would you convince him that there is really such a thing as red, yellow and blue? How could you possibly describe the colour orange to him?

A man of God has the same dilemma. When your instruments of inner perception have been trained and sharpened, you too can have a glimpse of God. Then you must not believe; you know. And all doubts disappear.

And besides if you are happy, all is well. How does it matter then if God exists or not?

If you are not happy, then are you willing to conduct an experiment? Atheists have a valid approach. They are not willing to take another man's word for it. They seek scientific validation. Yoga Meditation is an empirical science. There have no mice in the lab for conducting experiments. You are the mouse!

If you have a glimpse of God, wonderful! If not, you can happily reject the notion of God. The Yogis are not interested in intellectual discussions about the existence of God. The Yogis say: Meditate and find out for yourself!