I feel afraid when I close my eyes for meditation. How can I meditate?

The most important part of the meditation process is the preparation.

Imagine you are in bright sunlight and then enter a completely dark room. You will probably bump in to furniture, stumble even fall. This would happen to anybody and everybody who would suddenly enter a dark room. You did not give your eyes the time needed to adjust. When you enter a dark room you are cautious, feel your way around and give your eyes time to adjust.

Similarly when you are in the external world and then suddenly want to go within, it takes a while. This adjustment would be easier if you did it gradually, just like entering a dark room slowly. The different techniques of meditation take you gradually inward.

Gradual and Gentle Preparation

Yoga Meditation provides such a gradual and gentle system for you to get to know yourself. Start at the level of the body with a few well selected asanas. The asanas take you to the next step which is subtler, that is the breath. The breath is the bridge to the mind and to THAT which lies beyond. If you practice daily and systematically you will gradually be able to meditate with your eyes closed quite comfortably.

Learning this systematic method of Yoga Meditation is absolutely essential to progress in self knowledge and attain mastery over the Self.