It is impossible to practice Yoga daily. Can you help me?

Be loving and patient with yourself

Changes can never happen overnight.











Important is:

  • to make no dramatic resolutions (ahimsa). Develop simple goals for yourself.  Start working with one habit at a time. Do not try to do everything at the same time. This is needless stress for the mind and body.
  • Adopt a gentle approach to disciple.
  • to be willing and wanting to experiment with yourself and your habits in a gentle manner (satya and svadhyaya). Recognize that developing will power and determination is a process that cannot be hurried. The secret lies in finding creative and interesting ways to change your habits. Working to change oneself is fun!
  • to be patient and persistent (tapas)
  • to begin with a short preparatory practice of Vichara or Self Enquiry. Practice non-violence towards yourself. Don't force ideas suddenly on your mind and body, without preparing yourself.
  • Prayer is very useful. Pray for strength and determination.
  • Keep searching for a good teacher, who can guide you in all phases of your life.