Must I learn all these difficult poses to practice meditation?

That is not the pose you have to master. Photo Madhav

No, of course not!

First of all we must understand why it is necessary to do body exercises. The only reason we are need body exercises is so that we maintain the body in good health, keep it fit and supple. In the good old days people were much more physically active; they had neither need nor time to do body exercises.

Since our modern lifestyle is sedentary we need to do exercises as a ritual. The average person needs no more than a few simple stretches, around 8-10 basic body poses, 3-5 breathing exercises and just one relaxation technique. Additionally brisk walking in relaxing, beautiful and clean environment is recommended at least once a day.

If you sit a lot you may want to balance that out by walking longer or better still developing a routine of morning and evening walks.

So the question arises, why do we need to perform body twisting feats and circus tricks? If you are a gymnast or acrobat then you may want to do difficult body contorting exercises, but for the rest of us that won't be necessary. We need only that much exercise that keeps the body in good condition.