What is the difference between Yoga and meditation?

What is the difference between Yoga and Meditation. None. Yoga is meditation.

Yoga Meditation is the process of withdrawing the senses from the external world and going inwards. We begin our Yoga Meditation session with body poses, move on to breathing exercises and relaxation. Having touched upon the body and the level of energy, we are ready to gently approach the subtler levels of the mind and that which lies beyond.

 The word Yoga is often mistakenly used for body poses. This misrepresentation of the part for the whole is unfortunate. Yoga, as is understood and practiced in modern times, is often incomplete. 



Shenbagapraba from Tamilnadu:
In my opinion yoga is doing exercise but meditation is concentration. Two different activities.

Neil from Canada:
This is really great post, thanks a lot for sharing with us.

Radhikaji from THATfirst:
Shenbagapraba, there is much more to yoga than just physical exercise. Modern students attend teachers training programmes that are not linked to any authentic unbroken lineage and tradition. That is why many modern students mistake yoga to be only a physical exercise.
Do you really think that in the Bhagavad Gita Krishna was refering to physical exercises when he spoke of Yoga?

Seph Sayers from Canada:
What an insightful post!
I had found that when practicing martial arts (Taekwon-do) the Tuls (patterns, similar to the Katas in Karate) becomes a form of meditation.

"Jung Joong Dong" ("stillness in motion") because, ultimately, the mind becomes still during this practice.

It is interesting that the goal, or direction of Yoga is meditation, or least a meditative state.

c.sivalinga from Hyderbad:
I think yoga is some physical excersises and meditation is to concentrate on Breath.

Mike from Goa:
Thanks for your post. Yes Yoga is meditation. To get the inner peace and good health it is very important to practice.

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