What is a Yogi?


In the words of the great Paramahansa Yogananda, "Anyone who practises a scientific technique for divine realization is a Yogi."

Householder Yogis

A Yogi may be either married or unmarried. A householder Yogi, also called Karma Yogi, lives in the world yet above it. He lives in the society and carries out his duties without expectation of reward, leading a balanced and spiritual life. The lotus is a symbol of the life of a householder Yogi, one who maintains his calm and grace above the muddy ponds of life.


Some Yogis are also renunciates, these surrender all their social responsibilities to devote themselves to spiritual practices with the sole purpose of seeking divine salvation. One such great Yogi was the sage of Arunachala Raman Maharishi, who left everything and devoted himself to Yoga Meditation and Self Enquiry. 

A Yogi does not have to join the monastic Swami Order.

A Yogi may be man or woman. A Yogi may also be called Yogin. A female Yogi may also be called Yogini.