Will I live longer if I practice Yoga Meditation?

Breath is Life Photo Stefano Zocca

The determination of the span of life (ayus) is a rather complex matter depending mostly on karma (action) performed in the previous life. Thus the span of life is determined already at birth. This has been studied in ancient Indian texts. The ancient masters calculated the age of a person not in years but in breaths. If you breath slowly you will use the same number of breaths that you have pre-destined to have over a longer period of time. Thus breathing slowly may prolong your life.

The connection between breath and life span has been long observed in animals by the Yoga Masters of yore. Animals such as the elephant and tortoise that take in fewer breaths per minute live longer. Animals such as the dog that breathes rapidly has a considerably shorter life span.

After breathing exercises and during Yoga Meditation the breath slows down naturally. Thus you may live longer.

The truth is that we do not know how your health and life would have developed if you had not practiced meditation. While the practice of meditation may or may not increase the length of your lifespan, it will definitely increase the quality of your life.