How do I find an authentic yoga class?

You can begin by joining the yoga class closest to you or one recommended by a friend. The only way to find out if it is authentic or not is through experiences and experiments. You do not have to settle down to the first yoga teacher you find. Take some time to explore different paths as well as different traditions. And ask lots of questions!


  • What is the goal of the Yoga system they teach and practice: spiritual growth, therapy or health
  • What school of Yoga they follow: Traditional, Therapeutic or Physical culture
  • What path of Yoga they follow: Karma: Path of Action, Bhakti: Path of Devotion, Jnana: Path of intellect, Raja: Path of Meditation
  • Ask what lineage, teacher or style they follow.

Remember Yoga is more than techniques. It is a philosophy of life supported by a practice of asanas, relaxation techniques, breathing techniques and meditation. 

An authentic meditative tradition takes you beyond the body and breath. You will learn to deal with the mind and unlearn old habits and eventually know your own essential nature. This is called Yoga.

Once you settle down to a tradition, path and a lineage stay with it. To go deeper in to any one area requires time, it cannot be hurried up. 


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