Satsang Gatherings

The Teachings of the Samaya Srividya Tradition, Himalayan Lineage are priceless. One cannot place a value on these meetings and discussions. Therefore, we only accept contributions on behalf of the Samaya Srividya Tradition from those who respect and honour the Teachings.  

All Satsang events take place in Hofheim a.T. (near Frankfurt Main) in Germany unless otherwise specified. These events are NOT Online Meetings.

All the Satsang events are on Friday starting 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. unless otherwise specified.


2019 Winter

11th January

25th January

8th February

22nd February

8th March


2019 Spring


22nd March

5th April

26th April

10th May

24th May

14th June


2019 Summer

28th June 

23rd August

6th September

20th September