Benefits of Yoga

Some therapeutic benefits of Yoga are enumerated and the "real benefit" is explained.

Most people start practicing Yoga because they are stressed out and/or sick. And Yoga, they have been told, is "good for you".

Well, the "good reasons" for practicing Yoga are many. To mention a few:

  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Reduces stress
  • Alleviates disease
  • Increases concentration and improves memory
  • Decrease in anxiety, depression and mood fluctuations
  • Increase of Immunity
  • Improvement in sleep

The Positive "Side effects"

What most people mean, when they inquire about the benefits of Yoga, are the physical benefits. They are interested in knowing which pose will help reduce their blood pressure and which exercise will reduce their waist line.

Asanas, as body postures are called, do have such physical benefits. Asanas work on the nervous system and help balance the sympatic and parasympatic nervous systems. These may be called the positive "side-effects" of the asanas.

Why Yoga? The Real Reason

Of course, you can practice only the physical aspects of Yoga. But practicing Yoga for purely physical benefits is like using your laptop as a pocket calculator. A pity, isn't it?

Body postures, breathing, relaxation, meditation and most importantly the changes in lifestyle and attitude influence the entire body chemistry. This holistic form of Yoga has the power to transform the personality and remove the negative thinking patterns that are the root of disease and sickness.

For those who plunge in to their own depths, there lie many secret inner realms to be explored before we can reach the acme of human development.

Regular practice of Yoga, not merely body poses. Breathing, relaxation and meditation as well, will help you to live in harmony with nature and society. You can "plug in to" and tap an endless source of joy and energy. Yoga can transform you and your life completely.

Yoga for Total Health

If you are unhappy and dissatisfied with yourself and your life the way it is and you are looking for the purpose and meaning of your life then Yoga is for you. We can find meaning in our lives only when we get to know ourselves at all levels, not just physical, but mental and social but spiritual as well.