Savasana - The Corpse Pose

Shava means Corpse: Death is a new beginning.

Asana practice in Yoga Meditation is quite different from that of modern yoga studios. Savasana, the Corpse pose is described here for those participating in Yoga Mentoring with Radhikaji.

Savasana is a posture that prepares you for advanced energy practices. Daily practice of Savasana after the asana series is recommended. It can be used between asanas to allow the respiration and heartbeats to return to normal.

Savasana: The Corpse Pose

Lie on the back and gently close the eyes. Place the feet a comfortable distance apart; place the arms away from the sides of the body, with the palms upward and the fingers gently curled. The legs should not touch each other, nor should the arms and hands touch the body. Lie with the head, neck and trunk aligned. 

Observe your body mentally. Do not make suggestions to your body, just survey it. 

Begin from the crown of the head and travel downwards. Observe gently the cheeks and jaws. the neck and shoulders. Survey mentally the arms to fingertips. Mentally return to the shoulders. Observe the chest area mentally and then let your attention move to your abdominal area.  Feel the abdominal area rise and fall with the inhalations and exhalations. Survey the pelvic area, the hips, thighs, knees, calves, ankles and finally the feet. 

The body is completely relaxed and the limbs are lifeless and heavy. While the body lies still like a corpse the mind is alert and focussed on the flow of the breath. Do not fall asleep during this phase of Savasana, this is habit forming and defeats the purpose of the practice. If you find yourself at the brink of sleep, speed up the practice and end it.

After a few minutes of focussing on the flow of the breath, let your awareness return to the feet. Now continue the survey returning through the body in the same order backwards until you reach the crown of the head. 

Slowly feel the life return to your limbs. Gently move the extremities. Turn over to the left side and using the support of your arms and hands, sit up.


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