Shalabhasana - The Locust

Asana practice in Yoga Meditation is quite different from that of modern yoga studios. Shalabhasana is described here for those participating in Yoga Mentoring with Radhikaji.

Shalabhasana, the Locust is an asana that stretches and relaxes the lower spine. A relaxed and firm lower back provides a stable base for meditative postures such as Swastikasana and Siddhasana. It is best to begin with the Half Locust, the preparatory pose, to avoid strain and injury to the lower back.

Preparatory Pose for the Locust

This pose is also called Ardha Shalabhasana: Half Locust

Lie on the stomach with the legs together and the arms extended along the sides of the body. Place the chin on the floor. 

Make fists with the hands, placing thumb and forefinger on the floor.

Inhaling and without bending the knee or twisting the body sideways, raise the right leg as high as possible. The pelvic bones should remain on the floor. The left leg remains relaxed; do not allow the left knee to press against the floor.

Breathe normally. Hold this position for around 10 seconds or as long as comfortable. 

Exhaling slowly lower the leg. 

Repeat with the left leg. 

If you practice the preparatory pose for a couple of weeks daily, you will be ready for Shalabhasana: the Locust pose.

The Locust

Lie on the stomach with the legs together and the arms extended along the sides of the body. Place the chin on the floor.

Make fists with the hands.Keeping arms straight, place the fists under the upper thighs.

Inhaling raise both legs as high as possible. Do not use the fists to push your thighs up. Breath normally; hold position for about 10 seconds or as long as is comfortable.

Exhaling, slowly lower the legs and relax. 


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