Trikonasana - The Triangle

Asana practice in Yoga Meditation is quite different from that of modern yoga studios. Trikonasana is described here are for those participating in Yoga Mentoring with Radhikaji.

Trikonasana: The Triangle

Stand with hands by the side. 

Assume a standing posture with feet about 3 feet apart. 

Keep the heels in line and place the right foot at 90 degrees angle from the left. 

Inhaling slowly raise the arms away from the sides to the shoulder level with palms facing downward.

Exhaling and making sure that the hips remain facing forward, lower the torso gently to the right. The arms stay in a line. The left arm extends straight up with palm facing front. The head turned to look up at the left hand. Do not attempt to go deeper into the posture by bending twisting your hips. Hold the posture wherever you feel comfortable.

If you can touch the floor with your fingertips, without twisting your hips, then hold the posture in this position.

Breathe normally and with every exhalation feel yourself relaxing deeper into this posture, without twisting your hips, until your hands rest on the floor. 

Close your eyes and hold the posture as long as comfortable. Breathe normally.

Inhaling, slowly return to standing position. Turn the right foot so that it face forward.

Bring hands down slowly to the sides and feet together. Breath normally in this position for a few moments.

Now repeat on the other side.


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