Yoga in Bayreuth: The Royal Path

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Every group is different. and the group in Bayreuth likes Raja, the science of Yoga.

Radhika had been invited to Bayreuth, because the group wanted to go beyond asanas (physical postures). After a short introductory round it became clear why the group needed guidance in going beyond physical postures called asanas.


The main reasons, as some of the group members shared, were:

  • Some had tried to meditate without any previous training but did not really how
  • Those who had sat for longer time without any training were confronted with their thoughts and fears and did not know how to continue
  • A couple of them had a little theoretical background, but wanted to learn a practical approach
  • One of them wanted to a meditative tradition with roots in India and Yoga.


Raja: The Royal Path

After some discussion it became clear that this group had chosen the path of Raja, the path for those with a scientific attitude and analytical mind. The classical process of meditation goes from the physical to the different aspects of the mind. So that you get to Know Yourself at all levels. Raja, which means "king, royal" is called so because it is systematic and a complete.
The path of Raja is a meditative path that touches upon all aspects of the Yogic Body:

  • Physical
  • Energy
  • Mind
  • Intellect
  • Deep Sleep

The approach of Raja is considered indirect because it goes through each level of the body, as opposed to Jnana, the path of Knowledge that is razor sharp, purely mental and internal and leads directly to the Highest. 

Yoga: Learning to go within

In the workshop the group learned the basic structure of a meditative session that leads the practitioner step by step gradually and gently within:

  • Asanas - simple physical postures
  • Savyatra - relaxation and energy exercise
  • Pranayama - breathing exercises
  • Sandhya - breath awareness

Besides the above, the group learned the complementary practices of:

  • Mantra - Mentally remembering the Word
  • Atma Vichara - Self Enquiry or Contemplation
  • Yoga Nidra - Practice of conscious sleep

Yoga is like music!

Yoga Sadhana is a bit like playing music. You must know and practice, again and again, the same pieces of music. You must know the basic theory of music, without which you cannot play. Once you have mastered the basics you can play around with the rules. Then you are a master.


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