Yoga Meditation Workshop, Darmstadt

Yoga Meditation in Darmstadt

What we did at Schirner Seminars.

Darmstadt is a fairly large town south of Frankfurt/Main and we had our Yoga Meditation Workshop in the city center.It was a mild November day. Far too warm for this time of the year.

Radhikaji was sitting in meditation, as she always does before any lecture or seminar. In front of her sat the 10 participants. When Radhikaji opened her eyes, she asked the participants: What do you expect from the Workshop? Why are you here?

What do you want?

This question springs from Ahimsa, Non-violence. The Seers said, Ahimsa paramo dharmah: Ahimsa is the highest Principle. The Masters of Yoga give the seekers what they want. They do not, nay they may not, force anything on anyone.

The response of the participants was really interesting. Most of them were there because they were disappointed with physically oriented yoga. A couple of them especially mentioned that they were impressed by the line on the website: Yoga is Meditation.

All the participants came with a tremendous interest in the authentic spiritual Yoga tradition. Most interesting was how they all responded to the direct and indirect paths leading to the Highest.

Direct and Indirect Paths to the Highest

The direct path cuts through the maze of life until the question, "Who am I?" lights the fire of knowledge in the heart. We began with a few simple preparatory practices. It was amazing how fast they understood and asked interesting questions about this non-dualistic practice called Atma Vichara, also known as Self Enquiry. In a short while they were talking about Buddhi, our innate Wisdom, Manas, the coordinator of the senses and Ahamkara, our I-sense, with a familiarity that was impressive.

The group was very mature and asked very constructive questions.

In the dynamic group discussion we also discovered the human body as seen by the yogi, we explored the three levels of consciousness and most fascinating of all, we unfolded the map of the Universe. Yes, you read right, the map of the Universe!


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