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Enjoy the short anecdotes, read the book recommendations and participate in the discussions on spiritual topics. It just might change your perspective on spirituality!  


THAT-first.com Yoga Satsang (English)

You like our website? You want to know more about the teachings? You want to get to know Radhikaji? Join THAT-first.com Yoga Satsang group to receive updates on  our online meetings. The online meetings are an excellent opportunity to join in the meeting from anywhere in the world. All you need is a laptop and internet connection or a smartphone. Through the meetings and the facebook group you will get a practical perspective on spirituality with other like-minded people.


Swami Rama Yoga Tradition (English)

We share from Swami Rama videos and books in an effort to help each other on this journey. Knowing you are not alone, that there are others like you, connected to this ancient and authentic Tradition is comforting. Join Swami Rama Yoga Tradition and be  part of the extended Swami Rama family. 



THATfirst - Yoga, Advaita, Samaya Srividya Facebook Page (English)

Like THATfirst on Facebook and receive titbits of wisdom! A combination of interesting visuals and the eternal wisdom of Swami Rama, all in a single striking post! 



Samaya Srividya - Inner Tradition Facebook Group (English)

Samaya Srividya - Inner Tradition is one of the finest groups on Facebook on the topic of Tantra. This group is dedicated to the Inner Tradition of the Divine Mother and is not related to the external form of Srividya which includes rituals and deity worship. In Samaya Srividya, deities are symbols. Join the group and get deep insights.



Yoga for Self Realization (English)

Yoga for Self Realization is a place where sincere aspirants and seekers can share the teachings of great masters and scriptures, that relate to Self-Realization. You are welcome to post from different spiritual books and scriptures.

There are many ways to attain the Highest and different religions approach this differently. This group is for those who are following the different traditions and lineages of Yoga. While there are many traditional and non-traditional schools, lineages or traditions of Yoga claiming to be authentic, there are only a few that stay unwaveringly on the path of Self-Realization.