LIVE STREAM with Radhikaji

How to join the LIVE STREAM with Radhikaji

The Live Streams will take place on our YouTube channel: THATfirst Satsang English and on Facebook. There are no fixed timings for the live streams. If you subscribe to our YouTube channel or join our Facebook grooups you will be notified when Radhikaji is streaming live.

We have participants joining in from many countries across the globe: India, Germany, Australia, Hungary, Singapore, Dubai, Peru, Brazil, Holland, United Kingdom, Nepal and the United States just to name a few. 

DONATIONS Appreciated

Many of you would like to make a contribution to show your appreciation and gratitude for the teachings, the guidance, the time and towards expansion of the THATfirst family. 

You can make a local transfer through your bank in India or Germany or international transfers through Transferwise or Paypal. If you would like to make a donation, contact us for the details.  Small donations are also welcome.