Our YouTube Channels


YouTube Video Channel THATfirst Satsang English

The video channel is a collection of videos by Swami Rama, by Radhikaji and animations based on the teachings of our Tradition.

This channel is an educational channel. You will find the curated playlist extremely interesting. All the videos are arranged topic-wise in the playlist making it easier for you to find a video on a specific topic. Some of the topics are: Samaya Srividya, Schools of Tantra, Chakras, Pranayama, Self-Enquiry, etc. We will continue to upload video and expand the playlist topics.  


Radhikaji's YouTube Channel (German)

Radhikaji speaks from direct experience and explains the fundamental concepts and practices of Yoga, Advaita and Samaya Srividya.

Her channel Radhika Shah-Grouven is a series of lectures on various topics in German.