The following reviews are only some of the many reviews on our THATfirst Facebook Page.


Meeta Jagtap, Bengaluru, 23rd September, 2015

I feel so happy to be a part of THATfirst family. I came in contact with Radhikaji in January 2015. I always had some deep questions about the life like: Why is there so much pain and miseries in life?  Is this the way, life should be led? Is there any end to the sufferings and how to to begin? The moment one connects with Radhikaji, one feels at ease. She is a great mentor, even before that, she is a loving human being. Very few have an ability to elevate someone, she has this trait. She has a unique and a very systematic approach of guiding and imparting knowledge. Anyone can just read the textbooks, It's not only about reading texts but at the same time interpreting them in an easy manner which matters a lot, so that students can understand them and implement them in their day to day lives.

It is very important for a mentor to understand his/her student first, Radhikaji has that quality to understand her students completely and at the same time guiding them according to their capability. I truly respect her and this approach, I believe if a student is serious there is no end to learning. Every time I attend meetings, it gives me a new insight and it motivates me. Radhikaji always says "One can only go forward on this path, if one will practice", and that's true. All my questions are getting answered! 

In online meetings we listen as well as we share our experiences. If one truly wants to know what is this path of 'Self realization' and where it leads to then THATfirst is a perfect place where one can learn, grow, practice and realize . If one is a true seeker, one can completely transform within. 

THATfirst is my extended family, which has truly helped me and guided me to transform within. 



Shibu Bhaskaran, Dubai, 18th December 2015

Once I understood about the real meditation from Osho,I have keen interest to experience it .I used many ways without a Guru. I never got any satisfaction .But I continue to listen speeches of the Swami Nirmalanada who transformed my life to spirituality, and I found his love about Samaya Srividya rom his speeches. After that I searched for Samaya and find out many who teaching Samaya, but unfortunately I have some disputes with them. Finally I saw THATfirst website and asked Radhikaji about it and she described the method and ways of it. So I left all things to the divine and stopped searching for a GURU.

I stopped all sadhana and started new sadhana as taught by Radhikaji and I realized the power of doing sadhana under guidelines of Guru. Once we start sadhana many confusions will come it will stop our progress. If we do sadhana under a Sadhguru it will solve all confusions and sadhana will go deeper level, that’s what my experience. As per the instructions from Radhikaji, my sadhana is progressing like anything and after our last conversation I realized how much Radhikaji cares for me and how seriously she looks at my progress. I am confident now and also so happy being part of the highest tradition of SAMAYACHARA Tantra .




Krishna Narasimhan, Frankfurt, 26th July, 2015

It has been more than 1.5 years since I was introduced to the THATfirst family and now I, being part of the family can only make descriptions that do no justice to how truly my life has been transformed.

Radhikaji is a unique teacher. She doesn't care about pampering your ego, or keep on consoling for you, or making a dependent relationship with you so that you cater to her needs and stay dependent on her. If you are up for it, she would do all that is possible to make you a master yourself. And that, for me is the best quality of an unconditional teacher. She puts her closest circle of students and their quality of training above all. I have seen this in multiple instances.

It will take time and sincere dedication with the practices, but once a students breaks the initial barriers into the THATfirst family, it will be the best thing he or she ever did. I can only tell this from personal experience. I dont know how to say this without sounding patronizing, but nowhere else have I seen such a systematic tradition with such an overview of the process of meditation and self realization. If you are anything like me and have a curious scientific mind, then THATfirst and Radhikaji are closest to the best you can end up with.



Ashish Bhatia, England, 20th December 2015

A couple of years back, I was in search of a teacher/tradition. My main requirements were that I'd have one-to-one access to the teacher and the teacher would be teaching from direct experience.

I was very lucky to have come across THATfirst website at that critical juncture. In the time since, Radhikaji has provided ample opportunities for one-to-one and group interactions, always drawing from her own expereince and the vast ocean of accumulated knowledge of the Samaya tradition to guide her students. 

There is room to think about each and every aspect of the life and yet the practice remains firmly rooted in the tradition. It has been my expereince that If you are a sincere seeker willing to work hard, you can be certain that you'll receive comapssion and correct guidance from the teacher and the tradition.



Sreeram Ramamoorthy, Bengaluru, 20th July, 2015

Radhikaji maintains the no-nonsense approach to spiritual practice. She tailors the practices to the needs of the seeker and ensures that her students can weave in the practices into their daily life. The focus is always on understanding how the mind operates and move into deeper levels of awareness. She is a boon for anyone looking for a teacher/mentor who stays away from ritualistic practices , can give personalised attention and can guide from direct personal experience.



Joachim Grouven, Germany, 30th July, 2015

Imagine a beautiful castle, you want to enter, but with no doors, a snow peaked mountain you want to climb, but blocked by a wild river and a huge ocean, you want to cross, but no boat.

THATfirst is like the door to that spiritual realm, so many of us want to enter, but do not find the right entrance, it is like the stable bridge over the wild river of our daily activities, which pull us apart, if we do not know how to handle them and finally it is that safe boat to cross the ocean of our unconscious mind, which is a must for every true spiritual seeker.

I had the privilege to support Radhikaji with the inception of THATfirst from the very beginning and I am very happy to be part of the THATfirst family. I will continue my efforts to make sure this absolutely systematic way of Radhikaji´s teaching does not stop and is available to those, who are ready for it. Over the years I have learned so much from her and I fully agree with her own description of the teachings, which she imparts: "They are priceless". I would not be the same person without her guidance and patience. For that I am extremely grateful.

THATfirst is the door, bridge and boat for students, who are willing to tread the path of spirituality. Radhikaji will support in every possible way, but the student has to walk through the door, cross the bridge and sail over the ocean himself or herself, like in the true tradition of the Himalayan masters ... and now let´s do our Sadhana.



Aranka Vos, Portugal, 18th September 2015

Following the online meetings are very helpful for your practice. The way Radhika teaches is clear and calm. She has enormous rich information she got from her own direct experience. Thanks Radhika for sharing all your knowledge!



Rozane Oliviera, Brazil, 23rd July, 2015

Clear and objective explanations, direct speech and a gentle and lovable family. I am very happy to be together with the THATfirst family I chose to be...