Yoga Learning Program (YLP)

The Yoga Learning Program (YLP) is a sincere seekers alternative to a Teachers Training Program (TTP). It is a life-long learning program!

If you want to teach mathematics can you attend a 200 hour Math Teachers Training course?

Of course not! You probably burst out in laughter at this absurd idea. You need a degree in Mathematics as well as a degree in Education to teach mathematics. 

What about medicine? How can you teach young students who want to be the doctors of tomorrow? Have you heard of a Medicine Teachers Training course? After 200 hours of study you can teach medical students surgery and anatomy! Ridiculous!

Yet, it does not strike most of us that a 200 hour TTP is ridiculous to teach yoga meditation, mantra science and the deeper secrets of life and death, finally leading to Self Realization.

The Yoga Learning Program (YLP) is a life-long learning program for those who want to learn as opposed to those who want to teach. The YLP is for those who make changes in their own lives before they try to make changes in the lives of others. The YLP is for those who are willing to spend 10-15 years in knowing the concepts of Yoga through direct experience in Yoga Meditation as opposed to superficial understanding of the same. This YLP is for those who are open to the interpretation of Yoga concepts from the perspective of Samaya Srividya Tradition as opposed to those who believe they already know everything.

The YLP is an essential pre-requisite for all those interested in 1:1 Mentoring with Radhikaji. You can be part of the YLP without Mentoring, but you cannot have 1:1 Mentoring with Radhikaji without the YLP. 

What is the YLP all about?

There is a reading list for all those who want to be part of this program. This is not about intellectual study. The understanding comes from contemplation upon and guidance in these concepts.

Download the Yoga Learning Program Study Plan.

There are 12 YLP sessions a year. These sessions are online. 

Attendance of all 12 sessions is mandatory. You can be excused from meeting only with valid reason and prior permission at least 48 hours before meeting.

Valid reasons are death or hospitalization of immediate family members, sickness requiring bedrest or absence from work, or major celebrations.

If you did not attend the meeting without prior permission or were not excused from the meeting because you did not ask for permission or your request was rejected then you have to pay Rs 1000 or EUR 20. The same applies if you are late. This is an incentive to be disciplined and attend all meetings on time. If you do not pay the fees within 4 weeks of missing the meeting you will be removed from the YLP.

Guidelines of the YLP


  1. Respect toward the mentor
  2. Humility in all areas of Life
  3. Sincerity in Daily Practice

Check the YLP group on Facebook on a weekly basis for updates on mentoring activities and sharing.

Minimum Contribution or Fees 

Minimum contribution for membership of the YLP is Rs 20,000/year or EUR 300/year. The amount is subject to change. This is a minimum amount, which means you can voluntarily contribute more to support the work by Radhikaji and the teachings of the Samaya Srividya Tradition. 

The amount has to be transferred by 15th February of the year. Residents of India and Middle East can transfer to an Indian account. All others must transfer to a German account. You can also use PayPal or Transferwise to transfer money. International transfer cost around 10% in transfer fees. All transfer fees have to be borne by the payer.

It is also possible to pay the amount in monthly installments by setting by a standing order with your bank. 

The minimum contribution serves as an instrument to cultivate discipline as well as cover basic costs incurred by THATfirst. The YLP remains non-commercial. It is educative and non-profit in its approach. 

Under exceptional circumstances the minimum contribution may be waived.

New members on trial basis do not have to pay the fees for the first four months. After which they should pay on a monthly basis or annually depending on our agreement.